You may have heard that we launched an eDesign service last year. And you may or may not know what eDesign is. Whatever camp you fall into, we thought we’d take the opportunity to explain how we can design an outdoor area without even stepping foot inside your space.

There is a big difference between designing outdoor and indoor spaces. When nature gets involved, the stakes of getting it wrong are much higher. But if you are reading this and picturing your own neglected outdoor space, you already know that.

That’s why we created The Small Garden four years ago and it’s also the reason why we decided to launch an online design service. Our eDesign service works similarly to our standard design practice, but it’s faster and more accessible. It also means that we can now work with people right across Australia and around the world!

eDesign works for a number of spaces, including:

One of the biggest advantages of eDesign is that once we send your design plans, you can then take the installation at your own pace. Depending on the complexity of the design, you might tackle some parts of it yourself and then let a local tradesperson handle the rest. This gives you so much more flexibility without compromising the integrity of the design.

How it works

We have created a process that is simple for you you. After you contact us, we send you a questionnaire about your space and what you would like to do with it. This questionnaire is an extremely valuable part of the process, as it gives you an opportunity to organise your thoughts and ideas, and often leads to greater clarity about what you really want. You then return this to us with images and measurements of your space, as well as images of outdoor areas that inspire you.

Once we have this essential information, we meet you via phone or video chat. In this session we ask the same questions as an on-site consultation, in order to really get to know you and the personality you want to inject into the space. We also discuss design challenges and any specific requirements you have.

This part is really exciting because it lets us understand your world and the role the outdoor space will play within it. After this, we prepare a design outline for you and then start working on the design plan. This plan shows you the full potential of your area and has everything you need to bring it to life – from a 3D design plan to planting guides, landscaping notes and material recommendations, we cover it all.


Why it works

Outdoor spaces can present a number of challenges – uneven surfaces, lack of storage and no shade are just some of the issues involved in outdoor design. At The Small Garden we have seen it all: dark outdoor spaces, tiny gardens and over-exposed rooftops. That means we don’t need to visit your space to offer design solutions – we already know what works from experience.

But while we don’t meet you in person, we still get to know you through phone, video chat and email. This is a vitally important part of the process that we take our time with. Once we know you, your personality and your lifestyle, we are able to create a custom design plan that mirrors your vision.

We tell you everything you need to know, including plants that will thrive in your area, styling ideas and which materials to use for durability and minimal maintenance. We also show you how to make your space function properly – that could mean adding more storage, creating zones or considering where to install lighting and shade.

So no matter where you are, we now have the opportunity to work together to transform your outdoor space. This is hugely exciting and if it’s something you’d like to know more about, send us an email and we will provide you with an eDesign Service Kit.