The Small Garden collaborates closely with real estate agents to offer innovative and unique solutions to enhance the sales value of your listed properties.

Property styling

The Small Garden organises the installation and upkeep of outdoor furniture, plants and products for the duration of the property sale.

We install outdoor dining settings, outdoor lounge settings, soft cushions, decorative urns, pots and live plants as well as walling options (mirrors, screens) if needed.

Interior living options are also available if needed (large indoor plants/pots, decorative living plants such as orchids and succulent bowls).

Apartment Balconies
Courtyards/Outdoor living areas
Interior Living options


Garden Cleanup

The Small Garden can also tidy up the outside grounds of a property to present it in the very best light for sale. 


garden maintenance services

  • Trim shrubs/trees and new planting if needed

  • Mow as well as lay new lawn if needed

  • Mulch garden beds

  • Fix up any minor visual outdoor issues (paving repairs, fence/gate painting and repair as well as deck/timber repairs).