we believe nature and the city can co-exist  

No matter how small or challenging, every space has the potential to become a restorative setting that you’ll love spending time in. We’re Tom and Carolynn, and we are on a mission to rejuvenate city homes and workplaces.

With every small balcony, entrance or indoor courtyard we transform, we are proving that you don’t need vast amounts of land to have your own garden. We have been reimagining urban green spaces for more than 15 years, drawing ideas from around the globe and from our past lives in art and marketing.

Our landscape design studio is located in Brisbane. We offer garden design and installation across inner Brisbane and regularly visit Sydney for design consulting and planning.

Our philosophy is simple: a well-designed space is one that adds value to your lifestyle and property.

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garden design with purpose

Whether you wish to create a place for relaxation, productive work or entertaining, we always begin with your purpose. There is a growing body of research highlighting just how good nature is for our wellbeing and mindset. To ensure you reap these benefits while also adding monetary value to your property, we aim to create enduring design that will fulfill your lifestyle aspirations for many years to come.

What we do is formally called biophilic design, but we prefer to think of it as bringing life to your space. And after seeing how our work has enhanced the lives of our clients, this is a practice we are proud to cultivate.



a collaborative process

We start with your vision and then look to art, design, architecture and horticulture to create immersive spaces with impact. Working with us also connects you with specialist collaborators – whether we are sourcing rare plants, commissioning custom planters or partnering with installation teams in your city, our handpicked suppliers are masters of their craft. To see what is possible, take a look at the spaces we have brought to life.


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